Our Values

The way we see, colours everything we do....

As Chartered Financial Planners we are committed to setting, maintaining and supporting the highest ethical standards. We expect and welcome your scrutiny of our professional and personal integrity. The CII’s Code of Ethics is not just a by-product of our membership but blends our actions to our beliefs.

We believe the way to see success begins with how humanly we behave in our work.

Our clients

Our clients can expect:

  • protection
  • professionalism
  • courtesy and respect
  • time
  • empathy
  • advice that is concise and easy to understand
  • service

Our Charges

Our costs will be:

  • fair and reflect the work undertaken by us
  • transparent. Nothing will be hidden and there will be no sudden additional fees
  • consistent
  • revisited. Our charges will be altered as our service responds to changing needs

Equal Opportunities

All workers and job applicants will be treated equally and be given the same opportunities regardless of their age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, cultural or any other personal characteristic. TLB maintains all the practices and recommendations that are defined, within The Equality Act 2010.

Our Personnel

Individuals within TLB should expect:

  • a company committed to the correct work/life balance
  • a company committed to flexible working practices
  • an environment that is professional and stimulating
  • an environment that is encouraging and challenging
  • accommodation that is comfortable and safe
  • support in training and personal development
  • excellent remuneration

TLB expects its personnel to demonstrate:

  • a commitment to support and achieve company objectives
  • respect for work colleagues and clients alike
  • confidentiality
  • good communication
  • responsibility
  • initiative
  • a desire to learn and improve
  • sensible time-keeping
  • a smart dress sense

Our Management

We will integrate commercial and financial success with kindness and compassion. Our leadership will be:

  • approachable, accessible and listening
  • honest and decent
  • supportive
  • constructive
  • generous
  • discrete
  • true to its word

Our Community

We work and support many different charities giving both time and financial contribution. Our personnel are never refused if they ask for sponsorship. We wish to help.

The Next Move
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