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Pension Freedoms

We can help you unlock your pension value, in the right way.

Recent new pension freedoms have given everyone a fresh opportunity to access their pension monies with far less restriction. Many rules still apply but the options introduced by the Government require individuals to take extra responsibility to make certain their financial position throughout their later life is protected. As choices are made, receiving the right advice remains the key component, before any wealth is unlocked.

At The Legal Brokerage we have all the expertise you need to navigate the changes and make successful decisions.

You may wish to take cash and move your funds into investments, to allow you to take income as it suits you. Often, therefore, Drawdown is attractive – but Annuities are evolving and still require consideration. It may be that a hybrid approach will suit you.

Many people are receiving advice regarding final salary pension schemes. We can provide guidance for you in that is your circumstance but as a starting position, we recognise the advantages those schemes enjoy and we are vigorous therefore, in our subsequent investigation. In any event whatever your circumstances, we can help.

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