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Challenge, change and opportunity

Quarterly Review October 2021

Whilst discussion and action on climate crisis issues heat up, David Wheildon believes there are not only ways to manage investments sensibly, these are times of opportunity for new businesses.

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Change and opportunity

Quarterly Review October 2021

David Wheildon thinks that some immediate stability is helping us assess the opportunities that will be found in doing some business differently in future.

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Signals of growth

Quarterly Review April 2021

The markets, like our spring gardens, may be cautiously opening up but, says David Wheildon, care and innovation must define the the route forward.

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Strategies for an altered world

Quarterly Review February 2021

As 2021 begins, there may be many new realities here to stay, but there are ways to adapt successfully, says David Whieldon.

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Preparing for winter

Quarterly Review November 2020

Balancing economic and human health is a challenge, says David Wheildon, but the secret to staying warm in winter is methodical preparation.

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Ride it out, and watch for opportunities

Quarterly Review July 2020

Opening up after lockdown may be more uncharted territory but principles of wise investment management remain steady, says David Wheildon.

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Locking down the experience.

Quarterly Review May 2020

Critical global circumstances call on the skills we've always had at our core, says David Whieldon.

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A long-awaited degree of certainty

Quarterly Review January 2020

In many ways we’ve been in limbo for the last few years, implies David Wheildon – but politically there maybe a few decisions made now that point a way forward for the immediate future of the markets.

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Planning for Change keeps the course consistent.

Quarterly Review November 2019

Amid relative market stability during political limbo, preparing for change will help keep us on an even keel.

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Balancing Tensions

Quarterly Review August 2019

Despite some modest growths so far, mixed messages mean we should continue to manage our expectations, suggests David Wheildon.

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Enjoy the sunshine and be prepared for showers.

Quarterly Review May 2019

Spring may seem like welcome respite, but David Wheildon suggests we keep a sensible mindset with political upheavals ahead.

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Business as (un)usual

Quarterly Review February 2019

Nothing is predictable, and this is the new normal, but the global outlook is not a looming disaster.

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Quarterly Review October 2018

David Wheildon believes that, whether political colours change in Westminster or not, sensible management of risk is always in season.

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Weather Eyes

Quarterly Review May 2018

Does the bad weather reflect the ups and downs of the global financial environment or is the barometer steadier than we think, asks David Wheildon.

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A Watchful Eye, A Steady Balance

Quarterly Review February 2018

David Wheildon sees the need for careful balance as incremental developments in the status quo just beginning to emerge.

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Experience reads the weather

Quarterly Review November 2017

David Wheildon reads the economic barometer without complacency in a time of mixed economic weather.

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Inflation, Flux and Fiscal Evolution

Quarterly Review August 2017

A shifting landscape of trends means keeping an careful eye on things, says David Wheildon.

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