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TENET - The Legal Brokerage TENET - The Legal Brokerage

We help you plan a safe and secure financial future  you plan how to enjoy it

When you contact us, you won’t be getting a hard sell. Just solid advice.

Initially, we simply ask you to get in touch, either by telephone on 01202 660601 or by visiting our contact page.

Secondly, we will respond by calling you to clarify the areas of concern. During that conversation, if necessary, we will suggest a meeting and if it’s difficult to attend at one of our offices, we will come to you, or alternatively send you out a simple questionnaire.

Thirdly, we will issue you with a report, based on the information you have supplied. In it, we will provide recommendations and give you choice wherever possible. We will clearly summarise the options we present and from this information you will be able to decide if you wish to take matters further.

Finally, if you’re unimpressed, you’re under no obligation. If you proceed, the advice contains a menu of all charges you could face – everything is disclosed and nothing is hidden. It’s entirely a matter for you to decide if you wish to press ahead or withdraw.