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TENET - The Legal Brokerage TENET - The Legal Brokerage

We help you plan a safe and secure financial future  you plan how to enjoy it

We’re specialists, not jacks of all trades.

The Legal Brokerage are Chartered Financial Planners. We were founded in 1999 and as our name suggests, we support Solicitors as we understand the challenges they face – but more and more we work alongside Accountants, Stockbrokers and Fund Managers. We believe that no organisation can suggest being masters of everything. Advising with colleagues from other professions, however, we can give a much better service to our clients.

We will only recommend products or services that are suited to your financial needs according to our full assessment of your financial situation. These products and services will be the most appropriate available, based on our regular research of the market. We consider criteria such as the financial strength and reserves of the financial institution, consistency of past performance, stability of management, competitiveness of charges and standards of service. 

As completely independent advisers, we can look at all your options – not just those offered by a small number of banks or insurance companies.

As a boutique planning firm we believe we can offer you a professional and personalised service.

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